It is no secret that most of the left wing media are incredibly biased against President Trump and the Republican Party in general. So, what do you do when those are the people in charge of moderating a presidential debate? If you are President Trump, you may just skip them entirely.

Sources tell the New York Times that President Trump has been speaking to his advisors about skipping the 2020 presidential debates because he believes they will be purposely stacked against him, as they were in 2020. He is also worried about what Fake News media personalities they will choose to moderate the events.

In 2016, President noted that in all his debates against Hillary Clinton the Commission on Presidential Debates had skewed the questions, the moderators, and the talking time to his opponent. At one debate, they even gave him a faulty mic to throw him off and help Clinton.

The fact that Democrat and establishment candidates get an unfair advantage should come as no surprise. Even before Clinton debated Trump she got preferential treatment in the Democratic primary debates as well. Democratic party chairperson at the time, Donna Brazile, had to resign after leaking debate info to Clinton’s campaign so she could get the upper hand on Bernie Sanders,