Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine is a key figure in the impeachment witch hunt against President Trump. In a closed-door deposition in October, the fired ambassador was acted direct questions under oath about her use of personal email and response to a Democratic congressional staff member regarding the whistleblower complaint.

In this deposition, under oath, she was asked about email correspondence between herself and a congressional Democratic staffer, Laura Carey. Cary reached out to Yovanovitch, 2 days after the now famous whistleblower complaint was filed and over a month before it became public, to talk about a “delicate” and “time-sensitive” issue. In an unexplained breach of protocol, Carey emailed Yovanovitch about this matter to her personal email.

When asked by Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) if she replied to the email, Yovanovitch lied under oath and said she did not respond and turned the email over to the State Department. Upon analyzing her personal email, this was found not to be true.

Yovanovitch allegedly responded to Carey by writing, “Thanks for reaching out – and congratulations on your new job. I would love to reconnect and look forward to chatting with you.” This implies that she also set up a meeting with Carey to discuss the whistleblower compliant well before the general public knew about it.