William “Bill’ Taylor, a former top U.S. diplomat and a key witness the Democrats will call in their impeachment witch hunt against President Trump. On Wednesday, full transcripts of his closed-door testimony were released. In it, he tells congress that he believes the President’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, had a conversation with the Ukraine where he said that they MUST investigate the Biden’s or there would be no money. What is his source for these allegations? A New York Times article.

This bombshell revelation just goes to show how desperate many Democrats are to see the President impeached and how many “Never Trumpers” in the U.S. government seem to be working against the President. It also seems that Taylor may have been involved in concocting the story with the whistleblower from early on in this impeachment process.

Elsewhere in the transcripts, there are 3 major points that the mainstream media are reporting. One is that Taylor says he had a “clear understanding” there was a “quid pro quo” involving U.S. aid to Ukraine. Two, is that HE believed Trump was asking for the Biden investigation only for his own political gain, and three, Giuliani was a key figure in this. This is the piece where the ambassador used the NY Times to source the key info.

These transcripts are also noteworthy because Democratic ringleader, “Shifty” Adam Schiff forgot to redact the whistleblower’s name and exposed him to the media. Which is something Republicans are somehow now getting blamed for.