New York Times reporter Katie Glueck spotted a box containing a stack of papers sitting on a table at a conference center in Des Moines, Iowa, where O’Rourke was to speak, but didn’t because he dropped from the presidential race. After a closer look, Glueck realized that the presidential hopeful had “cheer guides” printed to pass out to audience members.

Glueck posted the pic of the “cheer guide” and tweeted, “A stack of these Beto cheer guides were in a box on an abandoned table at the arena here in DSM. There were rolls of stickers, too— passersby stopped to grab some. ‘So sad! It’s so sad!’ one woman said.”

In the beginning, O’Rourke had more than $6 million raised for his presidential campaign, but he wasn’t able to poll more than 1% or 2%. Americans did not respond well to O’Rourke’s proposals of strict gun control, liberal abortion laws, and punishing churches that do not support gay marriage.

O’Rourke announced last Friday that he was dropping out of the presidential race.