The last time Minnesota voted for a Republican presidential candidate was in 1972, when incumbent President Richard Nixon triumphed over George McGovern.

“I think we can win Minnesota,” Trump told news reporters as he was leaving the White House on his way to Minneapolis. “I think we can win. It’s been a long time since a Republican won.”

Trump gave a little credit to Rep. Ilhan Omar for helping him gain popularity in her district. “I think Omar is helping us win Minnesota and other places,” said Trump of the freshman congresswoman.

“We have a 20,000-seat auditorium. We have, essentially, Madison Square Garden. It’s sold out,” the President said. “Over 80,000 people requested tickets. It’ll be totally sold out. I don’t know who’s going, but it will be totally sold out. They have a line now that’s many blocks long. It’s amazing.”

President Trump arrived at the Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport on Thursday evening. But the crowd began to gather hours before the Trump rally at the Target Center. Some lined up on the streets while others lined up in the Skyway as the rain fell on and off.

President Trump posted a video of his screaming supporters and wrote, “WOW, THANK YOU Minneapolis, Minnesota  — on my way! #KAG2020”

Check out the crowd filling up the Target Center two hours before rally time!

The people of Minneapolis are saying they want 4 more years!

Minneapolis is pumped for POTUS!

Some Trump supporters sported personalized t-shirts. “Is that true? Or did you hear it on CNN”

Even Mayor Frey’s antics couldn’t keep Trump supporters away from Thursday night’s Trump rally!