First the NBA apologies to the Chinese for free speech and now Apple helps them limit it. The iPhone maker became the latest multinational corporation to give into Chinese governmental demands even though it hurts human rights and ignores freedom of speech.

As the protests in Hong Kong continues, the Chinese government continues to pressure American companies into helping them oppress their people. These companies are easily and willfully complying in fears of losing access to the billions of dollars the Chinese market represents.

Apple has removed to apps from the Chinese app store that are being used by Hong Kong protesters. The first, is allowing protesters to determine the location if the police who are violently targeting them. Chinese state media has said this app “facilitates illegal behavior” and that was enough for Apple to pull the app.

Quartz, a New York-based news app was also pulled when the government complained about the “illegal content” on it. Apple quickly pulled that app as well, censoring news that was critical of government violence.