Following Iran’s attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities, the U.S. has increased sanctions on the terrorist state in support of our ally. This morning Trump announced, “we have just sanctioned the Iranian National Bank”, he continued, “it’s going to be a the highest level of sanctions.” These sanctions are a follow up on the promise president made on September 18 to increase sanctions against Iran.

After the initial announcement, the President turned it over to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to explain the sanctions in more specific detail. He described sanctions that cut off all funds to Iran and stops the pipeline of money that is funding their terrorist activities.

These sanctions against the terrorist state are, “the highest sanctions we’ve ever imposed on a country, according to President Trump. The President also talked about why he was not using military options at this time. He said that not using force “shows far more strength” and that there would be “plenty of time” to “go in” if need be. For now though, he has decided against unleashing the full force of the U.S. military in Iran.