Former Trump campaign staffer Alva Johnson claimed Trump forcibly kissed her in August 2016. She also said that Trump “grasped her hand and did not let go.” Johnson filed a lawsuit against Trump in February, claiming battery and discrimination based on her race and gender.

Brian Hayes, a campaign volunteer who was in the RV at the time, filmed the incident. However, the video didn’t surface on social media until Wednesday.

Trump’s attorney, Charles Harder, argued in Florida court that the video proves Johnson and her lawyer have “lied repeatedly” about the brief interaction. Harder also noted that “if the plaintiff had been attacked, as she alleges, one would expect a far different response than telling him she’ll help him get elected President of the United States. That is the response of a person who is moved in a positive way by her candidate’s show of appreciation and recognition of her dedicated service to his campaign.”

Hassan Zavareei, Johnson’s attorney, has an entirely opposite take on the video, saying it proves what Johnson has been stating is the truth. Zavareei told Politico, “We are gratified and pleased that we finally have proof what Ms. Johnson has been alleging in this lawsuit.” He continued, “I don’t regard it as innocuous. Does it look dramatic? No. That does not mean it wasn’t a serious battery. It’s a battery because she didn’t want it to happen. It’s not an appropriate thing to do to another person.”

Here’s the 15-second video of the incident:

Johnson’s lawsuit also accuses Trump of pay discrimination, alleging she was paid less than white people on the campaign team.

Judge William Jung dismissed Johnson’s lawsuit stating: “As currently stated, the Complaint presents a political lawsuit, not a tort and wages lawsuit. If Plaintiff wishes to make a political statement or bring a claim for political purposes, this is not the forum.” Judge Jung allowed Johnson 30 days to file a fresh complaint.

Here’s the video slowed down.

Johnson broke down in tears when she publicly explained the interaction to host Chris Hayes on MSNBC, back in February. She claimed she was so distraught over the incident that she was “afraid” and couldn’t work and had to quit.