Michigan Governor Whitmer defended her recently announced lockdown orders for the state and tried to blame others for the decision which would cause a great deal of difficulty for ordinary citizens. The lockdown would stop in-person instructions in schools, would close down most businesses.

The lockdown is supposed to last for three weeks and is expected to wreak havoc on the finances of most residents. Many businesses too will become casualties once they cannot shoulder the cost of having to close down for such an extended period. Whitmer claims that lockdown is necessary to prevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed.

Whitmer said on CNN’s “New Day” that the lack of policy on a national level is what should be blamed for the lockdowns which she is aware would cause the permanent closure of so many small businesses. She’s basically blaming President Donald Trump for the effects of her own orders.

“First, let me say, you know, the restaurant industry has really had a tough year because of COVID because there’s not been a national strategy and we have seen COVID just explode across the country in waves,” Whitmer explained.

She claims that the experts have said that being inside restaurants and being with others is dangerous. Whitmer also explained that it is important for the federal government to provide stimulus funding for the businesses that will be negatively affected by her orders.

“I have incredible empathy for what [small businesses are] struggling with, and yet we have to follow the epidemiology, the public health experts and make decisions that combat the spread before our hospitals get overwhelmed and before we hit 1,000 deaths a week in Michigan because that’s what the modeling is telling us where we’re headed right now,” she added.

What Whitmer failed to mention is that the President cannot really impose a national mandate on how to deal with the coronavirus. It is up to the governors of the individual states to deal with it. The federal government can only provide funding, assistance, and the advice of its experts but the final decision will be on the shoulders of the governors. Even if the President has a national strategy, Democrat governors like Whitmer will not follow it anyway.