While thousands have either lost their jobs or were forced to change their holiday plans due to strict CVOID-19 measures, California Gov. Gavin Newsom broke his own guidelines to attend a friend’s birthday party at an expensive restaurant.

It seems that Newsom’s decision to attend the event gave him more than a nice hundred dollar meal. In a photo that was sent to Fox LA, the Governor, along with his wife, was seen dining at an upscale restaurant called The French Laundry where a meal can cost as much as $350 per plate. The couple attended to celebrate their close friend, Jason Kinney’s birthday party. Worse, Newsom attended the event with the CEO of the California Medical Association Dustin Corcoran, who just like the Governor, knew better than to refrain from attending events.

Recently, Newsom even made a bizarre announcement by encouraging residents to wear their masks in between meals while eating out in restaurants. However, the photo showed that neither of the guests was wearing any facial coverings.

As a response, Newsom apologized for his behavior, saying that he needs “to preach and practice, not just preach.” He even had the audacity to remind residents to avoid gathering with friends outside of their immediate household. In his defense, Newsom claimed that the party was held outdoors, which clearly shows it isn’t.

However, California Republicans were having none of it. In a statement from Republican State Assemblyman James Gallagher, he blasted the Governor for being the first one to break his own coronavirus guidelines. He pointed out that while Newsom urged local residents to change their holiday plans and to observe social distancing, “yet he himself is gathering privately at an expensive restaurant that many Californians can’t afford.”

Gallagher also called out Newsom and demanded that he should set a better example. He claimed that while most Americans had to make sacrifices by missing out on their family’s important moments such as weddings and other celebrations, the Governor himself could not avoid doing so.

In addition, lawyer and California GOP committeewoman, Harmeet Dhillon referred to Marie Antoinette’s infamous line, “let them eat cake” to describe Newsom’s irresponsible actions. In her statement, Dhillon said that while she is going against the Governor in a legal battle, she continued to observe his social distancing guidelines. She criticized Newsom by saying that while he dines with rich lobbyists, thousands of Californians have lost their jobs because of his state policies. “Add up drinks and appetizers – their meal per person was more than the monthly unemployment check,” the committeewoman said.

On the other hand, State Sen. Shannon Grove, head of the Republican Caucus posted a “‘pop quiz” in which she wrote that Newsom’s $350 meal would equal a one-week unemployment check.

Aside from that, Newsom’s draconian policies were receiving a lot of pushback on allegations of special treatment. In fact, a judge in San Diego ordered two strip club establishments to re-open, while churches remained closed. As a response, a local law firm demanded that the decision is a grave “constitutional travesty.”