Democrats in the House of Representatives blocked a motion from the Republicans to extend aid to small businesses. That is the 40th time that they have done so since August. The motion would have allowed the House to vote on a bill extending the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The program would have given a much-needed boost to small businesses.

Rep. Steve Chabot’s (R-OH) proposed H.R. 8265, which would have opened up the PPP again. Chabot explained that small businesses really needed aid. “A recent NFIB survey indicated that over half of small business owners expect to seek additional financial assistance over the next year. If they can’t access that help, they may be forced to lay off employees or cease operations, he said.”

He accused the Democrats of using the bill as a political tool and for blocking it. They did this while business owners used up the last of their funds. Chabot added that “If we defeat the previous question, which is before us now, we can move directly to a legislative package that includes my bill to reopen and improve the Paycheck Protection Program.

But the Democrat leadership, particularly House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing for a bipartisan deal for coronavirus aid. They don’t really care if small business owners are hurting right now. They just see it as a tool that could further their agenda.

The aid is becoming even more crucial now as states are announcing even more lockdowns. That would increase the number of businesses that have closed shop permanently since they cannot handle the added costs.

Many of the states that are enforcing strict lockdowns are run by Democrats. These governors are willing to sacrifice the economy of their states just so they can enforce their will on the people. There is growing doubt about the effectiveness of the lockdowns with many citing the example of Europe. Many European countries enforced strict lockdown and yet are still experiencing another surge.