Governor Gavin Newsom of California announced on Thursday that the state will be under a curfew. Starting Saturday, the curfew will be from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and will last for a month. The curfew will be enforced in what’s known as “purple tier” counties or those that are hardest hit by a new surge in coronavirus cases. The curfew will be affecting around 94% of the state’s population.

This doesn’t come as a surprise since Newsom has floated the idea of a curfew before. Last Monday, Newsom mentioned that he was looking at several countries to serve as a possible model for the curfew. “We also are considering — full disclosure, little bit of a preview — the notion of a curfew. Now, before you jump in terms of your mindset of whether or not it’s a good idea or bad idea, we are assessing that as well. I have on my desk, quite literally, three studies from France, Germany, and Saudi Arabia, interestingly, that have done comprehensive studies on the efficacy of their strategies as it relates to curfews,” Newsom said.

He added, “We know in the United States there are two states in particular that have statewide curfews of interest, at least. And that’s Massachusetts — an alcohol-based curfew — in the state of Virginia. There are a lot of cities, large and small, all across the country that also are promoting certain kinds of curfews.”

It seems that they have reached their decision as to which model they will be following for the curfew. Not everyone is on board with the idea of additional restrictions. Actor Kevin Sorbo mocked the curfew. He tweeted, “I almost got Covid back in august, thankfully I made it back to my house at 9:58 PM, right before the 10 PM curfew.”

Sorbo is not the only one doubting the effectiveness of the curfew. There is also a growing concern regarding the effectiveness of a lockdown. People are pointing to what had happened in Europe which enforced strict lockdowns but are still experiencing an upsurge now.