Bernie Sanders claimed that President Trump will be remembered as a demagogue and as someone who tried to undermine the rule of law. The failed Democrat nominee made the claim on Monday through a tweet. “Donald Trump will go down in history not just as a racist, sexist, xenophobe, and religious bigot. He will be remembered as a demagogue who, more than anyone else, attempted to undermine the rule of law and destroy American democracy. He will not be missed,” he said in his post.

The Democrats are doubling-down on their attacks on the President because he is refusing to concede to Biden. Even though all the mainstream media outlets have called it for Biden, they are nervous that the massive backing of the people for President Trump could give him the momentum to push through with electoral fraud investigations.

The President has vowed to take legal action after seeing his margins dwindle in key states because of late votes being counted for Biden. “We think there’ll be a lot of litigation because we cannot have an election stolen like this,” the President said. “We want every legal vote counted, and I want every legal vote counted.”

Sanders is one of those who have called on the President to just accept defeat. During an interview for CNN’s State of the Union, Sanders said that the President should man up and accept the results.

“The idea that he continues to tell his supporters that the only reason he may have lost this election is because of fraud is an absolutely disgraceful un-American thing to do, and I would just hope to God he has the decency in him to man-up and say, you know what? We fought hard, we lost the election, good luck to Joe Biden, I love America,” Sanders said.

“The fact he is not even cooperating in the transition and the fact he continues to deny reality and to continue to suggest that Biden has illegally won the election is beyond belief in terms of behavior for an American president,” the socialist senator who owns several mansions continued.

But the President has pointed out in a tweet that he did not file many of the cases but by ordinary Americans who saw the fraud and who cannot stand it. “Many of the court cases being filed all over the Country are not ours, but rather those of people that have seen horrible abuses. Our big cases showing the unconstitutionality of the 2020 Election, & the outrage of things that were done to change the outcome, will soon be filed!” The President tweeted.