A 33-year-old BLM activist attacked several supporters, including an 84-year-old woman, at a political rally in California. Donna Snow, the lady who was assaulted recounted how the man attacked her. “He took his hand way back like he was going to punch me, and [he] hit me right across the face. Broke my earrings off.” Snow said. One of the victims was taken to a hospital because of injuries during the attack.

A retired police officer got involved and pulled out a gun when the suspect tried to flee the scene after hurting people and causing mayhem. That is the usual tactic used by leftists when they want to cause trouble and when they are rioting. Alvin Gary Shaw, the 33-year-old, was taken into custody. Authorities found that he was armed with a knife and he was probably planning on a stabbing attack if he was not stopped by Trump supporters at the rally.

This is just the latest incident of violence being carried out against Trump supporters. Two women in Wilmington, Delaware, assaulted a young boy who was wearing a MAGA hat. The most heinous attack so far was the August 29 shooting in Portland in which Aaron “Jay” Danielson was hunted down by another BLM and Antifa activist and was shot in cold blood merely for being a supporter of President Trump. Leftist media allies immediately sided with the shooter, smearing the victim as a right-wing activist while hailing the suspect as some kind of hero. The suspect, Michael Forest Reinoehl, an unstable 48-year-old who is easily led to believe leftist ideology. Reinoehl characterizes many of the leftists at the forefront of the riots that happened in many cities. Many of them are mentally unstable and jobless, making them ideal targets for indoctrination.

Reinoehl gave an interview to VICE, which was trying to portrait him as the good-guy in the narrative even if he killed a person in cold blood. That interview probably allowed the authorities to track down where Reinoehl was hiding. Instead of facing charges for what he had done, Reinoehl cowardly took his life.

Some fear that this is just the beginning of even more attacks on conservatives and supporters of President Trump, and as the election draws closer, there will be more attacks coming.