During Joe Biden’s latest demonstration of just how senile he is, he forgot where he was and welcomed reporters to a different location. Realizing his mistake, Biden tried to pass it off as a joke, but judging by the look of utter panic in his face for a moment, he was not kidding at all.

Speaking in front of reporters, Biden said, “welcome to Kingswood Community Center” then he stopped, and for a second or two, he was completely lost. He was able to recover, though. “Actually, that’s the one down I used to work. That was a joke. We know where we are anyway,” as he tried to laugh off his gaffe. It was not obvious from the video what the crowd’s reaction was, but no one would have been fooled by Biden’s claim that he was just joking not after he has made so many blunders that have driven the speculation that he is in cognitive decline.

The Kingswood Community Center apparently is located in Delaware, and for him to mistake his current location for it is a sign of dementia. It was not the first time that Biden forgot where he was located. There have been many instances where Biden has shown that he is in no condition to be running for president. Earlier this month, he appeared on interviews for two local Arizona TV channels, and during the interviews with the hosts, aides interrupted to cut the interview short. The aides said they were out of time, but it seems that they were just waiting for the moment when the former vice president had difficulties during the interview.

It seems that the DNC has been trying their best to shield and protect Biden and using a strategy of keeping him away from the public eye. They know that every time that he makes a public appearance, there is a good chance that he would be making a fool of himself.

It is predicted that the Democrats will do everything they can to prevent a debate between President Donald Trump and Biden. It’s very obvious that Biden will not stand a chance against Trump in a live debate. Hillary Clinton was intimidated by Trump, and though her health was questionable during the election period, there was no indication that she was experiencing any cognitive decline at all. Just imagine what kind of breakdown Biden would experience if he faced Trump on the debate stage.