On the first episode of her podcast on Wednesday, Michelle Obama attacked President Donald Trump and praised her husband. This is just the latest of Obamas’ attacks on the president as they try their best to get Barack’s former vice president elected into office. They’re having a hard time because Biden is really not that likable, and there are some serious questions regarding his cognitive ability.

Unsurprisingly, the first guest on the podcast is her husband, Barack, who had an obviously contrived discussion. “Young people are idealistic as they have ever been. I think they are more idealistic now than they were when I was growing up. The difference though, is that idealism that they feel as if they can channel it outside of governmental structures and outside of politics,” Barack said during the program.

Then as they continued the discussion, Barack made a reference to Lost in Space, a campy 1960s TV show. Michelle pointed out the reference that her husband had used and praised him for it as if he made such an intelligent historical reference. “Because, as you pointed out as a former president who reads and knows history. Let’s just take a moment to pause and think about that. But as that person, you understand the arc of progress. We are moving toward more inclusivity, more openness, more we-ness. It’s not an easy trajectory.”

While the Obamas are acting holier-than-thou and giving the whole country lectures on how to behave, they are not really free from controversy. The media has just given Barack a free pass because of him being the first African American president. According to the Business Insider back in 2018, the Obamas net worth was $40 million. That translates to 30 times more than their reported wealth right when Barack first became president in 2008. That’s an astounding increase in wealth within such a short period of time and only two years after leaving office. There is no way that he could have generated as much money legally while being the president of the United States, with all of the tasks and duties that go with it.

He is also responsible for some questionable policies during his term. He ordered the assassination of American citizens without any trial. His policies in the Middle East directly resulted in the rise of ISIS and the mess in which several countries are in right now and the death of thousands of innocent people.