Mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered dozens of police officers to form a human shield to protect the block where her house is located. That happened at the same time that she ordered that the Christopher Columbus statue in Grant Park be destroyed in compliance with the demands of the leftist mobs that have been roaming around in Chicago.

There were a thousand protesters that gathered in areas that were close to where the mayor is living. The mob of rioters was calling for radical changes like defunding the police. Representatives from Black Live Matters and Antifa were part of the mob. Someone posted a photo of the gathering on Twitter. “Words can’t express how live Chicago is right now, near the Mayor’s block. Ask the photos. #ChicagoProtests #LoganSquareLockdown #DefundCPD,” the person tweeted.

During the same time that the rioters were closing in on her home, Lightfoot ordered that a statue of Christoper Columbus be taken down. She claimed that she just wanted a violent confrontation to be avoided. In reality, she was just doing what the rioters want her to do. She is doing their work for them. The mayor is basically siding with the rioters and the vandals by going ahead and destroying the statues and monuments herself and not waiting for the rioters to do it.

Many residents of Chicago do not agree with Lightfoot’s decisions. Ald. Raymond Lopez for example, says that she caved into the demands of the mob. “What has become of Chicago? We have a mayor forced into submission by anarchy & mob-rule? No more public process, official discourse, or on-the-record debate. The lesson learned is that if you want action from Lightfoot, show up en mass at her house & she will cave every time,” he tweeted.

This is Lightfoot’s first term as mayor but she is already proving that voters made a mistake in electing her to office. She tried to prevent the federal government from sending additional troops to her city to help stop the violence there but she had to bow down and agree after the surge of violence in Chicago saw an escalation in the crime there. Now, she has agreed to the additional troops because she knows that she cannot handle the violence in her city.