While Democrats have adopted a strong stand to side with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters, Democrat and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio could not help himself as he blasted off protesters who have occupied and vandalized the City Hall.

De Blasio responded to a viral video of a protester who berated and taunted NYPD officers. The New York City Mayor accused activists of being “vile” and “nasty.” He even hurled insults against the demonstrators, saying that they are “degrading their own movement.”

The Democrat continued, “A protester who writes nasty, violent phrases on a public building is degrading their own movement — especially a public building named after our first African American mayor.” He referred to the demonstrators who had vandalized the municipal building that is dedicated to former Mayor David Dinkins. He also urged demonstrators to come together, and to do it in a “peaceful, respectful manner.”

However, the situation is anything but peaceful. In a report from The Patriot Hill, a topless protester twerked and danced in front of NYPD officers at One Police Plaza in New York. She also went on to berate the officer by describing them as people who can’t “read a f*cking history book.” Even the crowd chimed along with the insults saying “NYPD! Suck my dick!”


Inspired by the CHAZ and the BHAZ, demonstrators have painted graffiti across their self-proclaimed “autonomous zones” as a part of the growing demand to defund police. The vandals have spread across several buildings in 31 Chambers St, and 1 Centre St., spewing anti-cop sentiment including phrases such as “Anti-cop vitriol,” “f*** 12” and “ACAB,” which stands for the phrase “All Cops Are Bastards.”

Unfortunately, De Blasio refuses to walk his talk as he has yet to issue an order to break down the protests. In fact, officers armed in their riot gear tried to de-escalate the situation and have successfully torn down the barricades that the protesters have built. Unfortunately, authorities cannot go any further. The NYPD explained that they were not given the order to break down the protest, but rather to prevent it from expanding.

The situation was not entirely different from the strategy that De Blasio’s fellow Democrat, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan had implemented against protesters who set up an autonomous zone. She even went as far as to describe it as a “block party” and a “summer love.” However, the city government was forced to close it down after numerous reports of lawlessness, following the death of two black teenagers in the area. Even the media, who had been so vocal against President Donald Trump’s MAGA rally remains tight-lipped on protesters who violated social distancing and health guidelines.

While violence runs high in New York City, De Blasio and the rest of the City Council on the contrary made an overnight decision to approve a roughly $1 billion budget cut from the NYPD.