Google is on the path to silencing conservative voices as they move towards blacklisting conservative-leaning news sites, the Federalist, and ZeroHedge. This comes after NBC reported the blacklisting, which apparently came about because of the actions of its own leftist activists who are pretending to be journalists.

NBC first reported that Google has already financially blacklisted the Federalist and ZeroHedge, which are known to be conservative-leaning websites. Later on, NBC changed its article to state that the search engine has warned the sites that they are facing financial blacklisting from Google Ads because of policy violations. NBC did not try to hide its role in the looming censorship. Apparently, the left-wing activists, who are also NBC reporters, got in touch with Google to report the two websites.

The NBC activists slash journalists presented the research of a non-profit of the supposed violations of the two sites to Google. The non-profit, the Center for Countering Digital Hate, has a track-record for smearing conservative sites like Breitbart News. Their tactic is to call out conservative sites and ask sponsors to back away and have the sites financially blacklisted. That same non-profit claimed that Breitbart promoted the Obama birther conspiracy theory. The very story which they cited as evidence of that is about discrediting the conspiracy theory.

The original NBC article claimed that the Federalist, and ZeroHedge were demonetized by Google for hatred. Reporter Scott Nover was able to point out some inaccuracies in the story. Nover said in a tweet that, “a Google spokesperson tells me that @NBCNews gets it wrong. Google says The Federalist was notified they could be demonetized but hasn’t yet been. They can still remedy.” Nover also added that “Google also says the sites’ comments section, not any articles were in violation.”

NBC has changed the article after it was called out. The “journalist” who wrote the article also happens to be a producer at the NBC “Verification Center.” It turns out that the journalist was an intern for the Qatar-based Al Jazeera network. Al Jazeera is a known propaganda arm of the Qatar government.

That journalist openly thanked the activists working for the non-profit in silencing the conservative sites. The left-wing radicals are no longer trying to hide the fact that they want to de-platform conservatives, and they want to keep the media including digital all for themselves so they can broadcast their ideology without any opposition.