Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has come out and accused President Donald Trump of rigging the upcoming presidential elections. During an appearance on Friday on the MSNBC show The Beat, Moore said that Trump is rigging the election and that Democrats must fight to get the mail-in voting implemented.

“He has to be fought tooth and nail. There can be no compromise now. I can see, I think others can see what he is up to here. He is trying to do a number of things to make the election go in his favor by rigging it, by trying to make it uncomfortable or uneasy or, if the virus is still going on in November,” Moore said. He also added that he sees no reason for Trump to oppose the mail-in voting and that it will, in fact, favor him since he has a lot of senior voters.

The Democrats have been pushing for the vote-by-mail option for the upcoming elections. They want it so that voters can just send in their votes but the Republicans are wary of the push for vote-by-mail. Many fear that the new system will be used by the Democrats to cheat and control the results. But supporters of the proposal are using the pandemic in order to push for the new system. They claim that it is meant to protect the voters from being exposed to the virus in the polling places.

The fear that the new system will be used to favor the Democrats candidate is not without grounds. A Philadelphia election judge has just admitted that he has taken bribes to favor Democrats. The offices in question were minor. The judge took the bribe to inflate the vote totals for candidates for Common Pleas Court judge in 2015. Still, some fear that the Democratic party might try to pull something similar on a larger scale if the vote-by-mail option is allowed.