Another Hollywood hotshot aired his disdain against the administration. In a Twitter meltdown, The Wire and Jack Ryan Actor Wendell Pierce claimed that President Donald Trump acts as a mere “puppet for Rusia.”

Pierce, who had once backed failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, made a list of Trump’s actions that would prove his alliance with the Soviet Union. The actor began his lengthy argument by declaring that Trump’s deliberate decision to launch a misinformation campaign against the “vote-by-mail” scheme is proof of “voter suppression.” He added that the President only wanted to increase partisanship by encouraging “domestic chaos.”

He followed up by saying that while the majority of Americans wanted to resolve the health and economic crisis, Trump was using it as an opportunity to amplify the political “division.”

Then, he proceeded to make a list of evidence that would prove Trump was just a “puppet for Russia.” The list includes; withdrawing from the Open Skies treaty, his decision to defund the WHO despite its alleged Chinese cover-up, destroying Obama’s progress by weakening NATO collaboration, and even inciting criminal activity by withholding funds for states who support fraud-ridden “vote-by-mail” systems.

When he was finally satisfied with his argument, Pierce concluded that it is a “clear evidence that Trump acts as a puppet for Russia as he withdraws America from the world stage, conceding his position as Leader of the Free World.”

However, recently declassified transcripts and email evidence showed what the rest of the American public knew, that the Trump administration is by no means, under the Russian influence. In fact, Pierce might only be echoing the already debunked “Russian Collusion” hoax, which was orchestrated by no other than top Obama admin officials.

In 2016, Pierce was arrested for attacking a member of the ‘Bernie bros” in Atlanta. Reports claimed that he was enraged by a political discussion, that he decided to stalk a group of Bernie Sanders supporters in their hotel room. The actor then hit a woman on the head. The Hollywood hotshot continued to deny the accusations and was later charged with simple battery.

The Republican party is continuing to fight against the massive misinformation and media bias against Hollywood influencers, and establishment media. In fact, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz introduced a “zero-tolerance policy” among Hollywood studies that tried to please Chinese officials by blocking federal assistance.

Cruz reasoned out that Hollywood studios are deliberately censoring their movies to leverage Chinese markets, adding that studios “control not just what audiences see in China but also what Americans see.”