In their attempt to label right-wing supporters as racists who would rather approve abortion rights to ensure that the government would support fewer children, GQ Magazine author, Laura Bassett, hilariously claimed that famed segregationist and former Presidential candidate, George Wallace was a Republican.

The problem?

He’s not. In fact, Wallace was a Democrat who had no history of switching to the Republican party. In an op-ed, Bassett initially wrote that “Before Roe, Republicans and white evangelicals generally supported abortion rights, much in the way libertarians do now.” She continued, “because to them, it meant fewer mothers and children dependent on the government for support.” Bassett went on to describe Wallace as a long time “Republican Governor” of Alabama and a four-time presidential candidate.

Social media pundits were quick to mock Bassett’s hilarious description.

DailyWire’s Ben Shapiro made fun of Bassett’s incredulous claims.

Even Sean Davis from The Federalist laughed, stating that Bassett’s entire “premise” was built on stupidity.

In addition, Sen. Ted Cruz responded to Bassett’s erroneous claim. While the author tried to correct her former statements, Cruz believed that the mistake revealed “the lie at the heart of a pile of lies.” Aside from Wallace, the Senator pointed out other racist historical figures who were also proud Democrats such as KKK founder Nathan Bed Bedford Forrest, as well as the author of segregation Jim Crow law, Thomas Dartmouth (“Daddy”) Rice.

After receiving a massive online backlash, GQ magazine tried to change the article. This time it was not to correct their mistakes. In fact, the authors refused to acknowledge Wallace’s political affiliations and wrote that he had later moved to a “far-right” Independent Party.

Bassett even had the audacity to compare the well-known racist figure to Republican President Donald Trump. Moreover, she added that Wallace supported abortion because he saw black women as a mere “cash crop” for “breeding children” and that the former Alabama Gov saw black communities were only taking benefiting from the government’s social welfare programs.

She also defended her erroneous claims on social media. Bassett claimed that the article was not completely bogus. In fact, she made an over-arching generalization on the link between pro-life supporters, and white supremacists. She continued to say that no one wanted to discuss or challenge pro-life assumptions. “I literally wrote in the piece that early segregationists supported abortion rights,” she claimed. Indeed, Bassett proved her point.

Unfortunately, it just so happened to be a Democrat.