After Joe Biden attacked Donald Trump Jr. and called him “his father’s son,” the President’s son was quick to rebut and revived Biden’s son, Hunter’s corruption scandal.

“It’s sick,” Biden said, responding to a meme posted by Donald Trump Jr. on his Instagram account showing an alligator calling the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee a “pedophile.”

“He is his father’s son,” Biden said and added that he didn’t want to “get in the mud with them.”

Trump Jr. did not let Biden’s reactions slide, so he took to Twitter to call out the aging Democrat.

“No @JoeBide, I didn’t actually accuse you of that. I simply posted a joke meme, but based on all the touching and hair sniffing in the below video, I am 100% accusing you of being creepy as hell. Watch the video and decide for yourself!”

Trump Jr. followed up his tweet by posting a series of headlines showing Hunter Biden’s questionable ties to China. He said that Biden was 100% right that he is Donald Trump’s son, and that Hunter is “most certainly” Joe Biden’s son.

It’s true that Hunter Biden carried with him a lot of scandals, most of which were the talk of the town during the early days of his father’s presidential campaign.

As revealed by Breitbart News, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s son appeared to directly benefit from his father’s position as the former vice president of the United States, as he was able to secure a whopping $1.5 million private equity deal with the Bank of China. Moreover, in a move to protect his son and his image, Joe Biden also threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor investigating the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, where Hunter was reportedly raking in $83,000 monthly.

According to a report made by Breitbart News’s Peter Schweizer, while the former vice president became a point person to China and Ukraine, his son, Hunter, “cashed in.” “While his father is meeting with Chinese officials, Hunter Biden is doing we don’t know what,” he added. Schweizer also floated the idea that Hunter could still profit from the Chinese government if Biden becomes POTUS remains to be an “incredible potential conflict.”

A conflict which was not impossible as Biden continues to dismiss China as a “geopolitical threat.” “The idea that they are our competition, that they’re going to beat us, is bizarre,” Biden said during a February speech. Before that, he also told his supporters in Iowa that we should be helping and benefiting ourselves by talking about China as our competitor, instead of thinking that China is going to own us. “But the idea that China is going to eat our lunch—It’s like I remember the debates in the late nineties—remember Japan was going to own us? Give me a break,” Biden said.

But aside from his shady and corrupt foreign dealings with China, Hunter has also had his share of other problematic cases. Last year, a crack pipe was found in a rental car used by Hunter Biden, which contained personal items of his that identified him as the owner of the car, including two driver’s licenses and multiple credit cards. Another controversy Hunter was involved in was in January after an Arkansas judge ruled that Hunter Biden was the “biological and legal” father of a child by an ex-stripper from a club Hunter frequented in DC. The ruling was made after Hunter denied paternity rumors for months.