Just like her other left-wing Hollywood peers, actress-comedian Sarah Silverman lashed out at President Donald Trump, calling him a “smelly penis hole” for his criticisms against Former President Barack Obama.

On Monday, the actress tweeted that “I’d love to see Trump say any of this shit he’s saying about Obama to his face.” She continued to say that the President was a coward as “He doesn’t have the labias. He is a smelly, smelly penis hole of a man.”

A day before, the comedian also blasted the US President by saying that she would love to see Trump confront Obama on his accusations against the former President. She also reaffirmed her belief that Trump did not have the “labs” to do so, and that he was just an “oozing shriveled penis hole of a man.”

This is not the first time that Silverman had criticized the administration. In fact, just last month, Silverman used her social media influence to lobby for the vote-by-mail Democratic propaganda, despite numerous accounts of election fraud. Along with other leftist Hollywood figures, Silverman claimed that the push for a nationwide vote-by-mail system would decrease the risk of people contracting coronavirus compared to in-person voting.

She had also described the US president as “purposely cruel” over his immigration policies.

Silverman shared a post on how federal agents separate adults and children who have illegally crossed the US border in a Twitter meltdown. She had also included a photo that showed children sleeping in an unnamed detention center.


Silverman also aired her support for the two-time failed Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders and even served as a rally speaker on Sanders’s campaign rally in Los Angeles.

The actress’s comments came after Obama trashed Trump during his 2020 commencement speech. As The Patriot Hill reported, the former President made jabs against the Trump administration. He remarked that some election officials even failed to even “pretend” that they are in charge” of the situation regarding the ongoing health and economic crisis. Obama also claimed that the ongoing coronavirus outbreak had revealed how vulnerable black communities are and how they are prone to “inequality” and “injustice.”

After he returned to the White House from Camp David, Trump hit back on Obama’s snide remarks, saying that the former President was “grossly incompetent,” adding that “Look, he was an incompetent president, that’s all I can say.”