There is no clear indication as to what prompted the old singer to attack the president in such a vile fashion. However, it is not the first time that Cher has attacked the President online. She has called Trump all kinds of nasty names. Last March, she said that “he’s a sick man, who doesn’t care if he lies or tells the truth. He needs to feed the orange beast. If he can’t spew venom at his rallies, crime and poison will do.” That attack was prompted by a call from the President to look into reports that Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) are being stolen or hoarded.

Like many of those who belong to the elite circle of Hollywood celebrities, Cher is known for bizarre behavior and living luxuriously while trying to lecture ordinary Americans about how they should behave. Back in April, she sent out another tweet that praised the Chinese virus and the pandemic as a chance to save the planet.

Like other celebrities, Cher is out of touch with the ordinary Americans who want to go back to work and who support the President. And like many other leftists, the singer is just interested in telling ordinary Americans how they should live their lives.