Democrats in the House of Representatives have just moved to block a motion that would have prevented illegal immigrants from getting money as stimulus payments included in the coronavirus bill that the Democrats proposed. The move means that illegal immigrants all over the country can benefit from taxpayer money and will have to compete with actual Americans who have paid their taxes.

The House was preparing to vote on Pelosi’s so-called Heroes Act, which included a $3-trillion in stimulus funding. Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) made a move to make an amendment on the bill, which would have prevented illegal immigrants from receiving stimulus payments under the bill. The House rejected Riggleman’s motion to recommit with those who voted against the measure numbering 209.

The bipartisan CARES Act had provisions that prevented illegal immigrants from getting stimulus payments. That was mainly through the requirements for getting the payment, which would have included a Social Security Number. The Democrat bill changes that to just a Tax Identification Number. The changes favoring illegal immigrants might not be obvious at first glance, but the move can be seen as a way to allow those who are illegally staying in the United States to benefit from taxpayer money.

That is not the only move by the Democrats, which is seen as highly favoring illegal immigrants. Some are also accusing them of making preparations to allow illegal immigrants to vote in the upcoming presidential elections in November. Their vote-by-mail initiative is seen as a move to allow those who are not eligible to vote to take part in the elections.

“This switch would allow illegal immigrants and noncitizens to get checks they aren’t eligible for. I didn’t think that a global pandemic meant it was time to stop helping American citizens who are desperate for assistance,” Riggleman said.