Forgotten actress/singer and prominent Trump-hater Bette Midler said that President Trump is “mentally ill” for wanting a probe into the involvement of officials in what is now known as Obamagate. The Hollywood celebrity, who is known to lash out against the president, took to Twitter to voice out her latest criticism.

“80,000 people are DEAD. 36 MILLION out of work. Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that it could come to this? & what does this awful man do as our leader?” Midler wrote on Twitter Thursday evening. “He goes after his predecessor? Threatens to jail his opponent? America, face it! He’s mentally ill. He is unfit,” Midler tweeted.

The outburst was made right after a declassified list of officials who have asked certain names to be “unmasked” during the Obama administration was released. The list includes prominent officials, most notably, then vice president Joe Biden. Documents also reveal that President Obama was aware of the FBI’s move against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and other incoming Trump officials.

The charges against Flynn have been dropped. Obama made a statement saying that the move to drop the case against Flynn places the “rule of law at risk.” President Trump, however, took a swipe at Obama by saying that the move against Flynn had been backed by Obama and Biden. He also accused the former president of being corrupt.

Supporters of Obama and Biden are trying to downplay the extent of the scandal, and now they have resorted to accusing anyone, including the president of being mentally ill for wanting to dig deeper into the decisions made by Obama and his officials. Leftist celebrities like Midler will continue to support Obama even if there is a ton of evidence against him. They will be against anything that Trump does, even if that means harming the country.