Unfortunately, lefty media, CNN’s own polls brought them some bad news, as President Donald Trump continued to lead, despite what experts considered as the “progressive generation.”

Trump leads from 52%-45% among 15 battleground states such as Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. Most importantly, seven of the states were a Trump stronghold back in 2016, while eight among the 15 states had voted for Clinton, including Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Virginia.

The media outlet noted a drastic shift, which suggested that younger voters among the 15 battleground states had favored Trump. The surge of young voters marks a huge shift from the CNN polls back in March.

Most importantly, the numbers contradict what Rock the Vote president Carolyn DeWitt said back in 2018, claiming that more and more young voters are gearing away from Trump. “I think there is a reaction to, sort of, the aggressive maneuvers of the administration on progressive values. This is a very progressive generation. They identify as progressives,” DeWitt explained.

According to the CNN Polls, as much as 95% of Republican voters supported Trump, while 95% of Democrats supported Biden. Now, the fight is among the Independents, in which 50% backed Trump, while 46% backed Biden. In a report from Reuters, the media outlet believed that Independent voters rose up to six percentage points between the early 2000 and last year congressional midterms. To cite the increasing power among Independent voters, analyst Rhodes Cook claimed that Republicans won by a margin of seven percentage points back in 2016.

The CNN Poll cites that Biden’s edge greatly relies on the fact that there are more Americans who identify themselves as Democrats rather than Republicans. The Pew Research Center noted late last year that “A wide range of evidence shows that there are more Democrats than Republicans in the United States today.” The data from reliable non-partisan surveys, the General Social Survey, and the American National Election Studies, cited that there are simply more Americans leaning on the left.

While the rest of the Democratic party, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, believed that it is important to use the ongoing economic and health crisis as “leverage,” the country’s fragile economy works in Trump’s favor. The CNN poll indicated that 54% of the voters are confident that Trump can handle the situation. In fact, surveys from the Real Clear Politics backed CNN’s data results, in which 52% approved of Trump’s handling of the economy.

In an op-ed by John Nolte for Breitbart News, the political writer believed that Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations also made a massive impact on damaging Biden’s reputation. Nolte reacted to a report by the Morning Consult, which specified that according to the Polls, Biden’s favorability dipped by up two percent, with 43% who are in favor of the presumptive Democratic nominee, while 48% were not in favor. The media outlet added that Biden had lost six net points among women since April.

Moreover, Biden had to face more allegations other than Reade. In fact, he was named as being one of the ringleaders of the so-called “Obamagate scandal.” On Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul called Biden to come out of “hibernation” and to answer the issues about his involvement in the “unmasking” of then-incoming National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn.