Staunch Trump critic and actor Alec Baldwin returned with demeaning remarks on President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. In his social media post, the Saturday Night Live actor asked: “Why does Trump want so many people to die?”

In a message addressed to his 1 million followers, the Trump impersonator included a link to left-wing media’s the Washington Post’s article on Prestige Ameritech. WaPo’s article cited how the medical supply company asked the administration if they wanted to produce more N95 masks. In the said article, the Prestige Ameritech quoted a complaint filed by a whistleblower and former director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority Dr. Rick Bright.

Based on his complaint, Brick alleged that he was fired from the Trump administration for his refusal to promote “hydroxychloroquine” (or as Dems called it “snake oil”) as a possible medication for coronavirus patients.

The problem with WaPo’s and Baldwin’s statement is that months before the outbreak, Brick had already been heading out of the door, due to his incompetence. In a Twitter post by Politico reporter, Dan Diamond, the journalist squashed any speculations that Brick’s removal was due to his decision not to support Trump on his endorsement for hydroxychloroquine. In fact, as early as January 2, Brick had already received a warning for the imminent removal of his post in the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority due to “incompetence and insubordination.”

What’s even damning, is that Diamond reported that based on Brick’s internal email, he actually praised Trump’s endorsement on hydroxychloroquine.

Just last month, Baldwin also used his Trump impersonation to mock the president over allegations that he had suggested people inject disinfectant in their bloodstream. In his three-minute Instagram video, the actor impersonates Trump and began by saying that, of course, he was just being “facetious.” He continued, “I wasn’t suggesting you take Lysol and shoot it into your veins…or squirt it on some washcloth and huff it yourself…or that you snort it.” To which he claimed that a lot of “young people” had been “huffing” and “injecting” household chemicals.

Then on Sunday, the actor again donned his “MAGA” hat in a Zoom graduation. In the SNL spoof, Kate McKinnon who played the school’s principal said that while the class did not expect that this is how they will end their “high school career,” they all have to make sacrifices, and poking a jab on Trump, said that, “I have had to share my child’s Adderall with him.”

Then, Baldwin appeared and called himself the “valedictator.” He continued by saying that President Abraham Lincoln, who was “smiling from hell,” must have been truly proud of him. He concluded by lamenting that online classes were a scam and that students should label everything they can’t understand with the word “stupid.”