Actress Evan Rachel Wood decided to deactivate her Twitter account after she stood up with fellow actress Rose McGowan, against the glaring media cover-up on Joe Biden’s sexual assault allegation.

On the weekend, the “Westworld” star responded to an article in which she backed McGowan for supporting Tara Reade, a former Biden staffer who claimed that the presumptive Democratic nominee had sexually assaulted her. In her tweet, Wood wrote, “I know what it feels to speak out, get attacked, and have no one stand up for you.” The actress added, “especially the ones you expect to.”

Then, Woods explained her decision to deactivate her Twitter account intermittently, saying that Twitter was once a “place” where people can write and “control” their own stories. She continued that now, “it has become something else entirely’. The actress claimed that Twitter had taught her everything, both the “good and bad.” However, Woods believed that her “well-being” matters more than the “darkness” and growing bipartisanship in the social media platform.

She also wished her fans well, saying, “Good luck out there guys. Love to all the loyal followers.”

Woods’s decision came after her fellow actress Rose McGowan shared a lengthy social media post in which she condemned the glaring media cover-up against Tara Reade. In her statement, McGowan recalled her long history of being a left-winged supporter. “I used to be a proud Democrat,” the actress began. She continued by sharing how she stood up against men because of her political beliefs.

However, as a rape victim of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, McGowan had a harsh wake-up call, seeing how the media and the rest of the Democratic party also tried to cover up Reade’s allegation. She claimed that all her life, the media had constantly painted the Republicans as “the bad guys” and that they are more of a “cult than a political party. “Now I realize so are democrats and the media,” the actress wrote,

As a rape victim herself, Woods backed McGowan, by commenting that her criticisms were “spot on,” and was one of the few Hollywood celebrities who have backed up the actress.

In fact, Woods had testified before members of Congress back in 2018 about her own experiences. Woods recounted that she was raped twice, once by her partner when they were still together, and the second, by a bar owner. During her speech, Woods shared the long-term impact of the abuse, stating that seven years after the rape incidents, she was diagnosed with long-term PTSD.

The increasing criticisms on the lack of a proper investigation on Reade’s sexual assault allegation had caught the attention of failed Democratic candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders. In his appearance on Thursday for CBS’s “This Morning,” Sanders claimed that it is “relevant” to discuss Reade’s allegation, and emphasized the fact that all women must be heard, regardless of their own political biases.