Outspoken Trump critic Rob Reiner accused President Donald Trump of having a mental illness resulting in the deaths of Americans from the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the virus hit the country, both Democrats and their supporters have made all-out black propaganda that questions Trump’s competence to handle the virus, as well to pin the blame on COVID-19 related deaths.

Without having any proof of Trump’s psychological diagnosis, or even mention of any specific mental illness, the award-winning director Reiner blamed the pandemic over Trump’s mental state in a vicious Twitter tirade. “Donald Trump’s mental illness is killing people.”

Social media pundits were also quick to chime in with Reiner’s rhetoric. One Twitter user claimed that aside from Trump, GOP senators are also to blame for letting Trump “get away with murder.”

Another asked what drives people to support the administration. She also snarkily asked whether it was money, greed, or ignorance.

On the other hand, a Twitter user shared a photo of Trump with coronavirus-like spikes, and the phrase “I don’t take responsibility at all.”

Someone also remarked that Trump might be something “worse.” He then likened Trump to a cult leader, and that Republican supporters were feeding his need for power. The user claimed that as long as there are people who support the president, he will not change.

Sadly, one user even suggested that Trump should be “dragged” out of the White House and demanded that he should be exposed to coronavirus patients without any PPEs to drive their point.

Finally, someone made an overarching generalization that all members of the Republican party were cowards.

Reiner, who previously aired out his support for the then-Democratic nominee, Michael Bloomberg, had used the global crisis to lash out on the president and his administration. On Saturday, Reiner also suggested in his Twitter post that Trump might be an “accessory” to murder.

In his post, Reiner admitted that he does not have any legal background. However, the director made a pointed accusation by claiming that Trump’s statement saying that the coronavirus was just a “hoax” made people vulnerable. “Do nothing to protect themselves, then end up dead, you might be an accessory,” Reiner said.