Former First Lady and two-time presidential hopeful failure Hillary Clinton just mocked Americans who are being hit right now by the diseases caused by the coronavirus. On one of her tweets on her official Twitter account, she shared an article that stated the United States is now the leading country in the world when it comes to the numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases. Then she added, “He did promise ‘America First.’”

The number of coronavirus cases in the United States has reached more than 104,000 on Saturday morning. The US has also reported 1,178 deaths, and it has now surpassed China, where the virus originated, and Italy, which is reeling right now from the large numbers of Covid-19-related deaths. Around the world, there have been 597,000 confirmed cases, of which 131,000 have recovered.

The huge jump in the number of confirmed cases is caused by the increase in testing, which has been implemented by the administration. It is meant to identify as many affected persons as possible so they can be treated properly and help reduce the spreading of the virus.

Although President Trump is acting vigorously to fight the spread of the virus, his opponents in the Democratic party and the mainstream media has been doing their best to smear him and to hinder his response. The Democrats have blocked the stimulus bill, which was aimed at helping Americans who are affected by the pandemic as well as businesses and industries which are feeling the pinch. The Democrats have demonstrated that they are willing to pursue partisan politics at the expense of ordinary Americans.

The mainstream media has continued to belittle the actions that were taken and being taken by the administration to fight the pandemic. They have continuously accused the President of ignoring the spreading disease while at the same time defending China when President Trump rightfully blames them for causing the world crisis.

Hillary Clinton now thinks that this is the right moment to mock the President’s response. In the process, she is also mocking the more than 100,000 Americans who are suffering from the disease. While some of her followers agreed with her tone-deaf observation, most people called out Hillary for the tweet.

Many Twitter users accused her of callousness and for not caring about the suffering the disease is causing right now. Others also reminded her of how she mishandled the response to the 2012 Benghazi attack in which four Americans died, including the US Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens. Though she was cleared for any wrongdoing, the debacle showed how incapable she is of handling a crisis.