On her Wednesday’s appearance for left-winged media MSNBC, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand stated that President Donald Trump does not understand the extent of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

During the interview, Anchor Stephanie Ruhle brought up the growing numbers of coronavirus cases in the state of New York. The host shared Governor Cuomo’s statement that the state’s coronavirus crisis should serve as a warning for others. She then related the current situation to the administration’s plan to jumpstart the economy in the next few weeks, despite the ongoing pandemic. Finally, Ruhle asked Gillibrand’s opinion on whether the country is ready to open the economy.

The Democratic senator replied, “The president is being irresponsible and is not fully understanding the depth of this crisis.” Gillibrand reasoned out that some states might not have as many coronavirus cases as the state of New York since they do not have the test yet. Gillibrand stressed out that a lot of people might be having flu-like symptoms, and without the COVID-19 tests, they cannot receive a proper diagnosis. She also added that rapid testing would also provide the government with enough data to see if the concept of social distancing actually works.

The senator then implied that Trump is not competent to handle the ongoing crisis. “President Trump is not being realistic, and he’s really, I think, being absurd,” Gillibrand said.

However, what the Dems really wanted was to replace Trump’s coronavirus package with Nancy Pelosi’s 1,100-page coronavirus bill, which will include non-related causes such as providing financial assistance for ballot harvesting and additional fund planned parenthood. However, the plan was botched as the Senate unanimously passed a substantial emergency relief bill known as the H.R. 748 or the CARES Act and will provide $2 trillion immediate relief for people who have been economically affected by the pandemic.


In another appearance on MSNBC, Gillibrand also criticized the president’s plan to open up the country in the next few weeks. She said that Trump “isn’t making any sense.” The lawmaker cited that she had visited New York hospitals to see what the real situation was. Gillibrand claimed that the federal government had not provided the state with enough supply to fight and contain the virus including basic personal protective equipment (PPEs), masks, gowns, and ventilation machines.

She went on to accuse Trump of downplaying the real situation, believing that he is more focused on salvaging the economy rather than save lives. She also labeled the president as someone who lacks a sense of leadership to guide the country in times of crisis.

She stressed that her experience had made her see that the coronavirus has become a “real epidemic.” Finally, Gillibrand praised her own efforts to visit New York hospitals while President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were rather busy trying to save their stocks.