On his recent appearance with MSNBC’s “Deadline”, Democratic frontrunner and former vice president Joe Biden struggled to keep it together after having several gaffes.

During the interview, host Nicole Wallace theoretically asked Biden how he would respond to the coronavirus pandemic if he is to win the presidency. He responded by citing an article he wrote for the media outlet “USA Today.” Biden said, “Way back in January 17, I wrote a piece, maybe the 15th,” as he clearly struggled to remember the date of publication. In the said article, Biden stated that the country should be prepared as he carefully laid out his coronavirus response.

First, he suggested that he would enforce the “defense production act.” Then, he would also provide more equipment and personnel, as well as set a priority to protect medical workers as putting them at risk might mean “we are in real, real trouble.” Finally, Biden said that the country should provide more masks and ventilators.

Then, the presidential hopeful lamented why Trump could not simply do such things and act as “a president.” As soon as Biden realized his last statement, he started to apologize.

Wallace moved on with her next question, but the former vice president tried to cut her off by saying, “Sorry.” There was an uncomfortable amount of silence before the host gave a go signal for him to speak. Biden, who had been aware of his long list of gaffes, responded, “No. No. Probably best I don’t,” and Wallace simply laughed it off.

Later, she brought up the issue of Trump and xenophobia, citing that the president had promoted discrimination against Asian-Americans by referring to coronavirus as the “Chinese virus.”

Biden tried to respond comprehensively, stating that in the early weeks of the coronavirus, people had been urging Trump to engage with China and find out what was really going on. However, he claimed that Trump’s attitude on China suddenly changed as he went “tough” in the communist country. “I just—I just can’t figure the guy. I don’t know. It’s like watching a yo-yo,” Biden said.

Biden also made another awkward exchange with CNN news anchor Jake Tapper. While the former vice-president was discussing the possible solutions to contain the virus, he suddenly coughed.

“Excuse me,” Biden said, coughing on his hand. Tapper then interrupted him by reminding the former vice president to cough on his elbows. The host then demonstrated how to do it properly, claiming that he had learned it during his coverage of the White House.

Biden dismissed Tapper by saying that while what he said was true, it does not matter anyway since he lives alone. However, the Tapper would not let it go and continued to say that the former vice president should have already known about it and applied such health precaution. Biden simply smiled and thanked the host.

To add to his well-accomplished list of gaffes, Biden was also mocked after he lost his train of thought during a live stream. Unfortunately, the teleprompter malfunctioned, which prompted him to say, “We are, well met me go the second thing, I’ve spoken enough on that.” He also continued to touch his face despite repeated warnings from health officials not to do so.