Actor George Takei just compared President Trump to a virus and that his insistence on calling the coronavirus as a Chinese virus is signaling to all the haters and racists in the country. This comes after the president has insisted that his calling the virus as a Chinese virus is not racist and that it is just accurate. Takei made that comparison through one of his tweets.

Takei, whose only claim to fame was playing a minor role in the Television series Star Trek also appeared on the anti-Trump network MSNBC. He said that the president calling the virus a Chinese virus is sending a chill to the Asian-American community. He then went on to cite a report of a racist attack that happened in a New York subway where a woman was assaulted. Witnesses claim that the attacker called the woman a “diseased bitch.”

However, it is unclear if the confrontation that the old actor cited was racially motivated or not. The woman who was attacked had her face completely covered with a mask and the hood of her jacket was over her head. In the video, it was impossible to tell if she was Asian or not. It is more likely that the attacker was targeting her and calling her “diseased” because of the way that she had covered her face completely.

Takei then went on to cite the attack of Chinese men in the 19th Century and the abuse of Japanese Americans who were interned during World War Two by Roosevelt, who was, incidentally, a Democrat.

President Trump has defended his decision to call the virus according to where it came from by saying that it is accurate and that it’s not racist at all. The practice of calling a virus from where it originated is not a racist one and has long been practiced by the medical community. The mainstream media itself called the virus in the same way when the only country that was severely affected by it was China. They had no problem calling it the Wuhan virus or Chinese Virus back then. Now they’re backpedaling and calling out the president for using the same terms they used.

Other celebrities have also attacked President Trump during this time of crisis for the way that he is handling the pandemic, including controversial actor Sean Penn, who expressed his fears over President Trump exploiting his control of the military.