In his appearance on left-winged media MSNBC’s “Am Joy,” the controversial figure and NeverTrump Leader, Rick Wilson, declares that Trump’s true believers “will be going to a lot of funerals.”

During the program, the show’s host Joy Reid started by saying that a lot of her close friends have been receiving information from their relatives, and even social media giant Facebook, that the coronavirus was “all a lie.” Reid, who seemed uninformed about Trump’s repeated guidelines to stay at home and observe social distancing, blamed the spread of the virus on GOP supporters. In her statement, Reid believed that social distancing would only work if Trump’s supporters would take the danger of coronavirus more seriously.

Then, Wilson butted in saying that, “The small number of true believer Trumpers who will not be touched by this, I suspect they will be going to a lot of funerals because they’re going to be the people who helped spread this.” The CNN contributor went on to cite Mike Hill, a Florida lawmaker who shared a post about people laughing and making jokes about the pandemic.

Without solid evidence to back this up, Wilson simply assumed that they were GOP supporters claiming that “These people who believe everything Donald Trump says spent seven weeks hearing this is a fake thing, it’s a hoax, the media is out to get him, and this is where science and the Trump reality bubble collide.”

Wilson went on to say that the people who were not taking the threats seriously were to blame on why it would take longer and cost more lives to fight the virus.


However, it is not Wilson’s first attack on the administration regarding the coronavirus. Just last week, he also shared a CNN article which talked about First Lady Melania Trump’s recently aired public service announcement (PSA) video. Instead of praising the administration’s efforts, Wilson wished ill on Melania, saying that she should be infected by the deadly COVID-19 virus using the hashtag “#BeInfected.”

While the rest of the left-winged media continued to bash the administration, Melania stood firm, sending out a message of hope to thousands of Americans. The first lady assured the public that the present situation is just temporary. She also promised that one day, everything would go back to normal, as schools and jobs would reopen, and people could once again gather in crowds.

Finally, she urged everyone to observe social distancing but keeping close contact with their loved ones using social media and other technology.