Billionaire businessman and failed Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg broke his promise to his campaign staffers last week after he fired them. That was not the only bad news that he had for them. On Thursday, some of the staffers were notified that they were exposed to the coronavirus in their Manhattan headquarters. Then the next day, the campaign staffers all over the country were notified that they were being fired, which was a double blow for the Manhattan workers since that meant their healthcare is going to end by the end of March.

Getting rid of his campaign workers right in the middle of the coronavirus crisis is not only cruel but also officially breaking a promise since many of them were lured directly by promises that they would still have jobs until November of this year even if he failed in his bid to win the nomination of the Democratic party; which he did even after he spent over $600 million in campaign ads.

The person who tested positive for the virus was revealed to have been in the office on Monday, but they did not say if he was a fellow staffer. The campaign workers have been told that they should work from home for the last few days of the campaign.

It will be remembered that Bloomberg was a rather late entry into the contest to become the official nominee for the Democratic party and that he spent a large fortune in running ads. But the effort failed to yield any significant results as his bid ended miserably. His performance in the debate stage was poor, and he was unable to defend himself when Elizabeth Warren attacked him during the debate.

Now, he is getting ready to use his vast fortune to help the Democratic party to beat Donald Trump. He has just transferred $18 million in his own campaign funds to the Democratic party to help in the general push of President Trump. The funds would be used to boost the campaign of Joe Biden, who is the presumptive Democratic nominee after he has taken a huge lead over his rival Bernie Sanders. It is expected that Bloomberg would be spending more of his own money in a push to beat Trump.

Although he is willing to waste more than half a billion dollars in his failed attempt to become president, Bloomberg is unwilling to fulfill his promise to his campaign employees. He is also willing to leave his staffers in Manhattan out in the cold, who might have been exposed to the coronavirus.