Failed presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton is teaming up with the Chinese government in attacking President Donald Trump over the spread of coronavirus. Clinton sent out a tweet on March 18, 2020, accusing President Trump of using racist rhetoric to divert the people’s attention away from his failure to prepare the country for the pandemic. She asked the people not to fall for it. The Chinese government backed Hillary when Lin Songtian, its ambassador to South Africa, agreed with the statement, adding that justice “speaks loudly.”

That was not the first time that Hillary has criticized the president’s actions when it comes to dealing with the virus. Earlier, she said that the hospitals are running low on beds and ventilators, and she even challenged the president to tell the world if he has ordered more.

Hillary is now on the same wave as the Chinese government, which has taken the insane conspiracy theory that the coronavirus was something that was brought by the United States government into Wuhan, the city in China that was ground-zero for the pandemic. That accusation was made by no less than an official spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry, Lijian Zhao.

This brazen accusation is an attempt to change the narrative and to shift the blame for the pandemic, which is now affecting the whole world and is threatening the global economy. It would be remembered that Chinese officials failed to act quickly and contain the spread of the disease in the city of Wuhan. They also failed to inform the rest of the world about what’s happening, which means that precious time has been lost; time that could have used been in preparing for the virus and its spreading.

But President Trump is pushing back against China and has no qualms about saying what is in everyone else’s mind: that the pandemic is China’s fault. The president has refused to back down in calling the virus a “Chinese virus” despite the accusations that it is racist. The media has been highlighting isolated cases of attacks on Asians as a sign that the president is fueling racism in the country. He said that the virus came from China and that he wants to be accurate, which is why he will continue to call it that.

Hillary was not the only Democrat to attack the president. Former vice president Joe Biden said that the president was just trying to shift the blame for the spread of the virus and said that he should have listened to experts before. However, he did not deny that the virus came from China.

The mainstream media is also joining in on attacking the president and accusing him of fueling hatred and racism by using the term “Chinese virus” while failing to note that they used “Wuhan flu” before and that naming diseases for the region where they originated has been a long-standing practice.