Actress Debra Messing shared a misleading Trump video in which the president claimed that the COVID-19 virus was just a “hoax,” prompting her to wish ill for the president’s supporters.

In her Twitter post, Messing described the president as a “LIAR-IN-CHIEF.” She then went on to write: #Maga have been unmoved by the 16500 lies 45 has made since elected. Now that innumerable people (including MAGA) will die, because of his lies and inaction, I wonder if MAGA will recognize that 4 5 must be voted out?”

Messing shared the clip of black propaganda while the rest of the country and even the entire world is currently facing a deadly pandemic problem. The actress was just one of the countless left-winged Hollywood stars who wished ill not just for Trump, but even for MAGA supporters.

In a recent tweet, Ratatouille star, Patton Oswalt, also played the same joke saying that he wished MAGA supporters would die. He even claimed that they were just too obsessed with the president and how he played himself in the media until they literally “coughed themselves to death.”

Even high school musical star Vanesa Hudgens said in a now-deleted live video that people would die from the virus since it was “inevitable.”

Outspoken anti-Trump activist Rob Reiner had also claimed that Trump must first be removed from office to allow more “competent” people to take over, and ultimately, for the country to heal.

While Hollywood stars are ranting about the coronavirus, the Democrats have been using it as a tool to put Trump in a bad light. According to an article from the Washington Post, a Democratic PAC had capitalized on the president’s seeming “incompetence” to handle the coronavirus pandemic. The reports claimed that they would be using it to run their digital ads and plans to spend a whopping $5 million for it.

However, despite the accusations that left-winged supporters and politicians were throwing against Trump, Democrat and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo clarified that Trump is “on the right track” in terms of mitigating and controlling the virus. The governor had even gone as far as to describe the president as “100%” sincere in giving out his best to fight against the virus.

Cuomo had even thanked the administration and its staff for working around the clock to provide the best solutions for the state of New York, which has more than 1,700 confirmed cases. Trump had also announced that in two weeks, the federal government would be handing out cash assistance for people who have been economically affected by the virus. While the Federal Reserve had also prepared $700 billion to buy stocks and hopefully stabilize the American economy.