Despite the emerging threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, Democratic voters from Arizona, Illinois, and Florida pushed through with the polls on Tuesday. The results from the primaries had even further cemented former vice president Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential nomination.

While Democrats blamed the president for his “incompetent” response to the ongoing outbreak, it seemed that no threat is big enough for the political party to hinder them from holding the primaries. However, some states like Louisiana, Georgia, and Kentucky had refrained from holding the primaries. This was following the advice of health experts to let residents stay at home and to implement social distancing.

In fact, even Biden used the ongoing outbreak to appeal to Sen. Bernie Sanders’s supporters. After multiple attempts to say “Good Evening,” Biden highlighted the ongoing coronavirus pandemic during his speech from his home in Wilmington, Delaware. As he went on, the former vice-president likened the efforts to stop the COVID-19 to the country “fighting a war.” Without giving a direct mention of President Donald Trump, Biden said: “This is a moment when we need our leaders to lead.” He continued to say, “That’s who we are…ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” While the results have not been released yet, Biden had already claimed victory, saying that the “campaign has had a good night.” He also cited that his win was due to the diversity of his voters, especially among blue-collar workers and people of color.

Finally, Biden went on to try to win the sympathy of Sanders’s supporters, claiming that they both share a common “vision” such as resolving issues like income inequality, affordable healthcare, and climate change. Since most of Sanders’s supporters are mostly made up of young voters, Biden claimed that he understands them and that his goal was to unite the Democratic party—and even the entire country.

While Biden managed to have fewer gaffes during his live stream, the former vice president looked as if he has been reading from a teleprompter. The numbers show that in Florida, Biden gained 62% of the vote, a far cry from Sander’s 23%. This might be largely fueled by Sanders’s statements citing his support to Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, especially since the state has a strong presence of Cuban refugees. Biden also had a 13 point lead in Arizona.

The former vice-president who had shown dismal performances in the early part of the primary was able to bounce back and generate a successful campaign in the state of Michigan, Missouri, Idaho, Washington, and Mississippi. In total, Biden had netted 1,147 delegates, while Sanders had netted 861 delegates. As the campaign rolled on, Biden would need a total of 1,991 delegates to officially secure the Democratic nomination. As of the moment, the Democratic party has not issued an official statement on how they will conduct the primaries despite the strong advice from health officials to avoid large gatherings or events. On the other hand, President Donald Trump was able to successfully receive the Republican party nomination, which secures him a ticket to the upcoming 2020 general elections.