Outspoken anti-Trump activist, Hollywood director Rob Reiner wrote on Monday that the president should be removed from office to allow more “competent” experts to take charge. He also went on to claim that Americans should unseat Trump to allow the country to “heal” from the coronavirus outbreak.

In a Twitter post, the award-winning director wrote: “We will get through this. But unfortunately, not with the help of this president. First, he must be removed from the public square to let competent experts take over; then he must be removed from office to allow US to heal.”

It is no surprise that other Hollywood hotshots chimed in. Songwriter, Richard Marx described the president as “repulsive,” and claimed that Trump had considered the ongoing national crisis as a hoax.

Actor Adam Goldberg used profanities to respond to Trump’s briefing while Jude Apatow says that the president is a “liar.” Apatow went on to claim that Trump had also felt that he was way “smarter” than other world leaders.

Another star with a strong anti-Trump syndrome, Chelsea Handler also tweeted that the president was unable to provide answers, and simply uses Pence as a scapegoat to boost his morale.

On Monday, Reiner also wrote on Twitter that the only solution to “clean out the stench of his criminality” is to beat Trump on the upcoming 2020 general elections.

In fact, despite the growing concern over the coronavirus pandemic, Reiner was still privileged enough to carry on political discussions believing that Sen. Bernie Sanders is only an “advocate” while “Sleepy Joe” should be the commander-in-chief.

Reiner had since been making headlines from his anti-Trump Twitter posts. In fact, in a previous tweet, the director described Trump as a threat to democracy and should be considered as the “most criminally corrupt president in our nation’s history.”

Reiner had first run headlines this year when he made an MSNBC appearance in which he urged the American public to “punch” Trump in the nose. During the said media appearance, he also used the opportunity to publicly endorse billionaire and former New York City “Mini Mike” Bloomberg, who had since dropped out of the race after facing major backlash on his sexist and racist comments.