Bernie still has not given up his bid for the nomination of the Democratic party, but with each passing day, his rival, former vice president Joe Biden is becoming the likely winner of the race. This has driven the Bernie followers to make their disappointment felt through digital means. They have started several hashtags on Twitter, which are trending already. They are using hashtags like #neverbiden and #losewithbiden to express their disappointment at the DNC’s supposed attempt to steal the nomination again from Sanders.

Another hashtag that they are using “#BidenLosesToTrump” is recognizing the fact that the former vice president is not going to win against President Donald Trump in an election. The Bernie Bros are angry that the nomination might be stolen from their candidate for a second time. They are also pointing out the questionable move of nominating an old man with a questionable cognitive condition.

Biden has sort of endeared himself to some of his fans for his gaffes, and the establishment media has quickly used that to point out how relatable he is. But his blunders have been growing in number recently and in seriousness as well. Recently, he got into a confrontation with a worker in Michigan. The former VP appeared to physically threaten the worker by asking him to go outside. There was nothing likable and lovable about that behavior. It makes Biden petty and mean at best since he has bodyguards to protect him and seriously suffering from dementia at worst.

That was not the last misstep that Biden made. During the virtual town hall which his campaign conducted recently, he made himself look even worse. To be fair on Biden, the failure of the town hall was not his fault alone. His staff failed to run the virtual town hall smoothly, which should have been a simple process, but when Biden appeared on-screen, he made things worse. While talking, he walked away from the camera, and then he asked his staff if he was still on. There was also a moment when he seemed to forget what year it was.

All of these are putting in question Biden’s cognitive abilities. They say that his gaffes are pointing out to the fact that his mental condition is in serious decline. But the establishment media is continuously covering up for him. What he will be doing should he win the nomination and face President trump in the debate stage will be a sight to see.