Rich Hollywood celebrities started throwing insults at President Donald Trump. They’re doing this in the midst of the government ramping up its efforts to combat the spread of the virus and just as President Trump has announced his plan of using $50 billion that has been freed up to fight the spread of the disease. There are also plans for economic incentives for ordinary people who might be affected by the disease, if not directly, then economically, like the waiving of the interest in student federal loans.

The rich liberal celebrities also used the opportunity to spread obvious fake news regarding President Trump. Horror writer Stephen King said that there was no person of color, females, or young people in the team President Trump has assembled to deal with the coronavirus. But during a press conference on Friday, two women spoke with one being a woman of color. That disproves the claim by King, who was a former alcoholic and a history of drug addiction.

The old actress Bette Midler, who in the past became slightly famous, continued the false narrative that President Trump has called the coronavirus a hoax. This has been disproven already since the President used the word “hoax” to describe his critics’ attempt to use the illness as a political weapon to use against his administration and yet Midler and other Hollywood elites and Democrats continue to use it, despite all the evidence. Midler has long been known as a critic of the President. She supported the billionaire elitist Mike Bloomberg’s presidential bid and defended Elizabeth Warren after her campaign failed.

Josh Malina, who is supposed to be an actor, branded President Trump as a “moron.” “Comedian” Chelsea Handler did the same thing. Award-winning actress Minnie Driver called the president an “a$$#0le” in tweets that she sent out.

Many of these so-called entertainers also mocked the government’s decision to partner with the private industry and private corporations in an effort to enlist everyone to fight the spreading virus. Lefty actress Ashely Judd called the gathering of CEOs a frat party for white men. It would be recalled that Judd supported the campaign of Elizabeth Warren, who failed to garner widespread support.

Despite all the criticisms from rich Hollywood celebrities, many of whom are living in rich enclaves where they will be insulated from most of the effects of the pandemic, President Trump is doing his best to handle things.