In a recent appearance on Fox News, firebrand lawmaker, Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez claimed that Trump had been lying when he said that the country is leading in terms of coronavirus efforts. AOC claims that unlike other Asian countries, America lacks in terms of testing and providing cheap and accessible results to the American public.

In an interview with Fox News’ host, Bret Baier, the lawmaker slammed Trump over his coronavirus response. When asked whether the country has the best health care system to offer, AOC claimed that the question is still up for debate. She went on to compare the South Korean health care system over the US’s, claiming that the Asian country had been conducting up to 10,000 coronavirus tests in a day, while the country still lagged.

AOC said that South Korea was able to provide tests for people who “wanted to” while in the US, on the other hand, “people were scrambling.” The Democratic representative continued to claim that it appears that only the rich and the powerful can access COVID-19 tests. She also added that it’s going to be a lot harder for Americans to access health care, which is, as she said, a “recipe for disaster.”

AOC also suggested that the government should approve the bill which the Democrat had already submitted. According to the proposal, this would grant Americans paid sick leaves. Moreover, AOC explained that this would also extend to help people to receive unemployment benefits, as well as protection from Medicaid. Most importantly, she announced that it would also help protect medical professionals who have been in the frontlines of the coronavirus response.

Her statements seemed to refer to presidential hopeful Bernie Sander’s progressive Medicare-for-All. AOC, who had been a strong Sanders’s ally, supported his proposal to have a taxpayer-backed system that would replace private insurance for Americans.

However, some of AOC’s suggestions have already been included in Trump’s coronavirus speech, which was live-streamed from the Oval Office. Currently, there had been no evidence or facts that would support AOC’s accusation over the wealthy receiving “special treatment,” in the coronavirus response.


In fact, more stars such as Tom Hanks, as well as NBA players, have been infected by the virus. National Institute of Health’s, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is a member of the president’s Coronavirus Task Force, responded to AOC’s accusations, saying that the “system for public health was set up in a way where it was “put out there in public, and the physician asks for it, and you get it.”

In another Fox News video, Dr. Matthew Frieman from the University of Michigan explained that it could be transmitted as droplets in the air. He cited that basically, transmission happens when someone sneezes and coughs, which releases droplets into the air like an aerosol, and can come through a person’s nose, mouth, and eyes.