As former vice president and gaffe filled “Sleepy Joe” Biden hit the momentum on the Tuesday primaries, Hollywood went on to express their support for the presidential hopeful. The stars also went on to speak out about their severe anti-trump sentiments, using their power and influence to make sure that Trump would not win in the 2020 general elections.

Outspoken Trump critic, Rob Reiner had once again used social media to slam the president. In his tweet, Reiner claimed that voters should “put our differences aside” to support Biden. The award-winning director also brutally described the president as the “most criminally corrupt president in our nation’s history,” and had since become a threat to democracy.

Reiner had also declared in an MSNBC appearance that voters should “punch” Trump in the nose, citing that the president was a “bully.” Originally, Reiner had publicly aired his support for billionaire and former New York City Mayor “Mini Mike” Bloomberg.

Another Bloomberg supporter, Barbara Streisand, had also shifted her endorsement to Democratic front-runner Joe Biden. In her now-deleted tweet, Streisand went on to announce that she “wholeheartedly” supports Biden, despite his competency issues.

Just like Reiner, she had also declared that Trump has become a threat, not just to the American democracy, but as well as to the “environment, for our health and safety and standing in the world.”

Unfortunately, after spending a whopping $600 billion in tv ads and campaign run, “Mini Mike” Bloomberg immediately announced that he had dropped out of the race giving his endorsement to “Sleepy Joe.”

In her tweet, Debra Messing also thanked once presidential hopeful Andrew Yang for endorsing Biden.

In the long list of anti-Trump twitter tirades, comedian Michael Ian Black also chimed in and predicted that Biden could unseat the president. He even went on to call the president a “f**king idiot.”

Biden also had numerous celebrity endorsements, including Alyssa Milano, Alec Baldwin, Cher, Debra Messing, and even Leonardo DiCaprio, leading him to have a posh Hollywood fundraiser headed by Paramount Executive, Sherry Lansing.

As of today, Biden had garnered 864 delegates out of the magic number of 1,991 delegates needed to win the nomination. He had cemented his status after a landslide victory in Michigan, which made it hard for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to catch up. Despite the mounting pressure for Bernie to exit the race, some Hollywood stars have kept up the hope.

Stand-up comedian Rob Delaney shared his support for Sanders.

Even John Cusack defended Sanders from claims that he should drop out of the race.