In his recent tweet, stand-up comedian and Ratatouille star, Patton Oswalt joke about MAGA supporters dying from the coronavirus. Oswalt wrote that Trump supporters were so obsessed with the president that they have “coughed themselves to death.”

Along with other Hollywood lefty, Oswalt responded to allegations that the president requested Attorney General Willliam Barr to investigate the media’s coverage of the coronavirus outbreak.

In a sensationalized news report, Vanity Fair published an article entitled “HE’S DEFINITELY MELTING DOWN OVER THIS”: TRUMP, GERMAPHOBE IN CHIEF, STRUGGLES TO CONTROL THE COVID-19 STORY.” The author, Gabriel Sherman, claimed that the Justice Department wanted to investigate the media’s portrayal of the coronavirus outbreak for “market manipulation.” Sherman claimed that according to a White House insider, Trump “is trying to control the narrative, and he can’t.”

Sherman also went on to say that the president did not want journalists aboard AirForce One in fear of getting the virus. However, Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham demanded Sherman to retract his statement after the president landed in Orlando, Florida, and confidently went on to shake his supporters’ hands.

Albeit to Oswalt’s tweet, Sherman did not write about Trump requesting Barr to launch an investigation. Indeed, Hollywood is using the outbreak as a means to put the blame on the president and even fuel the fire of panic, fear, and hysteria.

Oswalt’s fellow comedian and host, Chelsea Handler, have also called out the president for encouraging sick people to go to work.

However, the president was having none of it and responded to Handler’s tweets saying that he had never suggested sick people to continue to work. He also claimed that it was just one of the numerous fake news that has been circulating in social media.

Rosie, another Hollywood stand-up comic, also went on to spread the allegations that the administration was lying.

Even outspoken Trump critic, Bette Midler joined in the fun, writing a severe anti-Trump sentiment and accusing the president of using Vice president Pence as a “scapegoat” to blame the coronavirus outbreak.

Oswalt had also made previous remarks against the president. Last December, the comedian described Trump supporters as “stupid assholes.” In his tweet, Oswalt made an overgeneralization and poked fun about the people who have continued to support and vote for the president.

Moreover, the comedian also penned an essay, which he concluded that MAGA supporters should “F^ck Off.” Oswalt said, “Because this is the epoch of the entitled bully, and everyone else—even those who support the bullies but just so happen to be weak—can f*ck right off.”

The article was published in McSweeney. In the same essay, Oswalt also declared that the administration did not care about Americans going through natural disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes, and tornadoes. Oswalt then proclaimed that “We’re on our own.” He also went on to suggest that the administration has encouraged people to become more selfish by having the “I have to save myself first attitude.”

Below his essay, Oswalt also linked an advertisement that promoted Trump’s impeachment.