As Democratic politicians continue to spread false claims about President Donald Trump’s response over the coronavirus outbreak, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had also banked on panic and hysteria to comment about the administration’s “incompetence and lack of focus” to deal with the virus.

In a live forecast on CSPAN, Schumer believes that the Democratic party had become increasingly concerned over how the Trump administration handled the coronavirus response. He said, “Now, I’m going to be blunt. We are very worried about the president’s incompetence and lack of focus on fighting the spread of coronavirus.”

Schumer continued to say that the administration is incompetent, citing the president’s lame efforts to resolve the virus, as well as Monday’s sudden stock market plunge.

He also suggested that the only way for Trump to save the economy is to prioritize fighting and containing the coronavirus outbreak. Even without any facts to back it up, Schumer made an argument that any CEO would like to have the virus contained rather than get tax cuts.

The firebrand lawmaker also accused Trump of putting corporate interest first rather than the safety and well-being of the American public. Finally, Schumer concluded that Trump should be more scientific and capable of leading the country to stop the virus, saying, “President Trump and his administration should be putting people before corporations.”

Recently, even gaffe loving and former vice president Joe Biden has also made comments against the administration’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak. “T]his gets down to competence and capability. And the—unfortunately, the president has very—no competence in how to handle this crisis,” Biden said during his recent appearance for left-wing media, MSNBC. The former vice president also made false claims that Americans do not trust the administration, saying that “I think there’s no confidence in the president.”

However, the real problem is that Biden himself had been experiencing mounting competency issues over his numerous gaffes and confrontations in the entire electoral campaign period.

Rep. Schumer had always been critical of people in power. In fact, in a pro-choice demonstration during a Supreme Court Hearing, the lawmaker made threats against the court’s conservative Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

The case in question deals with whether doctors who perform abortions should have admitting privileges within 30 miles from the clinic. In his speech, Schumer screamed at an angry crowd, “You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”