In an appearance on left-wing news network MSNBC, former CIA director John Brennan asked if the president is “psychologically” capable of putting the country’s well-being into priority as it deals with the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

On Monday night, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell implied that Brennan had dealt with a lot of crises in his career, including 9/11, homeland security, and even issues regarding the White House. Mitchell, who does not have any CIA intelligence background, claimed that “This feels so very different.”

Brennan responded, boasting that he had worked under President Obama, and at that time had to deal with the H1N1 crisis. Brennan also went on to compare how the previous administration handled the H1N1 virus, to Trump’s coronavirus efforts, stating that “it is very different” and that they did not “have time to try to figure out how it should.”

Mitchell then asked Brennan to tell the viewers how H1N1 was way worse than the present outbreak. Brennan went on a jog down memory lane, telling viewers that they had their first case in April of 2009, only for the virus to subside by summer.

However, Brennan continued to say that the virus went back in the fall and winter, stating that at that time, 60 million Americans were infected by the virus, with a whopping 12,000 deaths.

He went on to tell the viewers how coronavirus was different in terms of “transferability” and “demographics.” Brennan claimed that the H1N1 virus affected young and healthy people, whereas the coronavirus targets an older cohort. Brennan stated, “So one of the things President Obama told us, he wanted to have the science, facts, and data drive administration policies and actions,” giving out a solid reference to numerous left-winged claims that the president is making up facts to cover the real scope of the outbreak. Moreover, the host asked Brennan about the Ebola outbreak saying that Obama has “two on his watch.”

The former CIA director agreed to Mitchell’s statement, sharing that Obama had established the pandemic office in the White House, only for Trump’s administration to take it down. Then, Mitchell stated that throughout Trump’s life, he only cared about his own money and self-interest. “I wonder if he’s psychologically capable to put the country’s well-being first,” Brennan said.

He also went on to say that American safety is the main priority and that public officials should be more honest when it comes to delivering the facts.


Brennan had also echoed the same sentiment last month, accusing the president of “virtually decapitating” intelligence agencies. Last month, Brennan, who had also appeared in the same news channel, claimed that the congressional allies cared more about protecting the president than national security. Finally, the former CIA director made an overarching generalization that Trump placed Richard Grenell, someone who does not have the capacity and the experience to lead the agency.