President Trump’s “Beast” made headlines as it made an appearance last Sunday at NASCAR’s Daytona 500. The limousine which the president used as an official vehicle for the event led more than 40 drivers on track. However, such a beautiful display of American patriotism and grandeur was not something that the opposition had been happy about.

In a tweet, New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman responded to media pundit Kelly O’ Donnell’s social media post saying, “Using the official apparatus of government for what appears to be a political event.”

However, people on the internet were not having any of it.

Curtis Houck, the managing editor of NewsBusters responded to Haberman’s tweet. “To be blunt, get a life, Maggie. Obama went to a #MarchMadness game and that was fine. Relax. I know the #Daytona500 is the opposite of what The Times represents readership-wise, but chill,” Houck wrote.

Another Twitter user also claimed that Trump’s Daytona trip should be a unifying event for Americans, rather than the salacious allegations made by the left-winged media.

As Steph wrote “He is celebrating an American event with Americans. It’s great for the country. Very unifying. Just take a breath. #NASCAR.”

While others accused the media outlet of being outright biased. In a post, another Twitter user shared a photo of Obama attending a different sporting event. Only this time, there is no evident media backlash. As Cruadin shared, “Shocking! a sitting President showing up at a spectator event!! and actually taking part in the opening ceremony!!! Another norm destroyed … or something”

O’Donnell, an NBC White House Correspondent made an issue out of Trump’s limousine by saying that the president’s trip to Daytona was paid for by the public.

As the correspondent wrote that “This was an official White House event therefore paid by taxpayers as @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS attended Daytona 500 today and “The Beast” limo ran a pace car lap around the track.”

Political strategist Caleb Hull replied to O’Donnell’s statement by simply saying that “And America loved it.”

Even Former Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill seemed to have an emotional breakdown as she posted “At a restaurant. Trump and a motorcade at the Daytona 500 comes on the TV. I literally don’t know whether to laugh or cry or scream or just sigh. All. We’re gonna go with all.”

During the big race, Trump was appointed this year’s grand marshal. To celebrate the big event, Trump prided in riding one of America’s top cars he named “The Beast”.

The $1.5 million seven-seater limo was unveiled in 2018 revealing a 20,0000-pound fortified Cadillac CT stretch sedan which had fully loaded bags filled with Trump’s blood type, as well as security features that would ward off any terror attacks or assassination attempts.

In fact, the limo was so secured that it is equipped to spew out a smokescreen, fire tear gas, and leave an oil slick during a car chase.

The Beast ran a quarter lap before it pulled aside in an infield staging area.