On Thursday, Emmy-winning producer Ashley Bianco was fired from her job producing CBS This Morning. It has been revealed that she is the whistleblower who released the clip of ABC News anchor Amy Robach criticizing the network for killing her Jeffery Epstein story which she said she “had the story for 3 years”.

The first interview of Bianco will be with former Fox News and NBC host Megyn Kelly. She sat down with Bianco on Friday morning to discuss the allegations and her firing by a network that was not at all involved in the situation. In a video teasing the interview, Kelly hints that she may not even have been the person who leaked the tape.

The firing and subsequent interview comes at a time where the mainstream media and the left are heavily criticizing conservative media outlets and figures for putting out the name of the Ukraine whistleblower. There does not seem to be the same outcry when a media company outright fires a whistleblower. This is something that was discussed by Donald Trump Jr. during his appearance on The View yesterday.